Review from the Author’s Attic: Evermore

An ancient treasure whose location is only revealed by cryptic clues. Two brothers, a scholar and an outlaw, who both seek to win the affections of the long-hidden crown princess. An evil king who will stop at nothing to find both the princess and the treasure. And a startling betrayal in which nothing is as it appears. Evermore, the first book of “The Lost Princesses” trilogy, was a worthy successor to its prequel, Always.

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When Adelaide, the adopted child of a noble family, discovers that she is in fact the crown princess of Mercia, one of three children of the former king and queen, separated from her siblings and hidden when the kingdom was overtaken. And when, on her twentieth birthday,  she learns that the mysterious key she has had for years can help her find a long lost treasure, she sets out on a quest to reclaim the throne. She is accompanied by the two sons of the family who adopted her years before, Mitchell, a scholar who intends to help her find the clues to the hidden treasure, and Christopher, the son who years ago left his family and Mercia to join the band of rebels in the north who oppose the ruling tyrant. Adelaide has long harbored feelings for Christopher, but with her newfound status as queen, she knows her marriage must be for the good of her country rather than the desire of her heart.

This book kept me hooked through every twist, including a massive one that took me by surprise completely! Every detail was important to the plot in some way, and the ending has me waiting to find out what happens next. I love the quest that is unfolding, and I couldn’t help but cheer at the ending!

I feel very fortunate to have been an advance reader for this book, because waiting to find out what happened after reading Always would have been almost impossible!

You can learn more about this book and Jody Hedlund’s others at, and you can preorder Evermore here:

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